What to Wear to Cryotherapy?

a woman with a blue hat in a cryo chamber.

Embarking on a Cryotherapy journey can be an exciting venture into the world of wellness and recovery. However, as you prepare for your first session, a common question arises: What should you wear to Cryotherapy? Given the cold temperatures you’ll be exposed to, it’s essential to dress appropriately to ensure both comfort and safety. Let’s explore the recommended attire for a Cryotherapy session, including what’s provided and what you should bring.

Provided Cryotherapy Attire

Special Robe

Upon arriving at the Cryotherapy facility, you’ll typically be provided with a special robe designed for use during the session. This robe is intended to be worn over your clothing and is easily removable just before entering the Cryotherapy chamber.

Socks and Footwear

To protect your feet from the cold, you’ll be given insulated socks and appropriate footwear, such as slippers or booties. These items are crucial for preventing discomfort and ensuring that your extremities are kept warm.

Head Protection

Depending on the type of Cryotherapy session (whole-body or localized), you may also be provided with head protection, such as a headband or earmuffs, to safeguard your ears and forehead from the cold.

What to Wear Underneath the Robe

Comfortable Clothing

Underneath the robe, it’s recommended to wear comfortable, dry clothing. For whole-body Cryotherapy, this typically includes:

  • For Men: Athletic shorts made from breathable, moisture-wicking material.
  • For Women: Sports bras and shorts or form-fitting leggings that cover the thighs. It’s advisable to avoid underwire bras as the metal can conduct cold.

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Additional Considerations

  • Avoid Wet Clothing: Ensure that your clothes are completely dry, as any moisture can increase the sensation of cold and lead to discomfort.
  • Minimal Jewelry: Remove any metal jewelry or accessories, as metal can become extremely cold and may pose a risk to your skin.

Post-Cryotherapy Attire

After your session, you’ll want to dress warmly to help your body gradually return to its normal temperature. Comfortable, insulating layers are ideal for maintaining warmth as you leave the facility.

Conclusion: Dressing Smart for Cryotherapy

Dressing appropriately for Cryotherapy involves a combination of provided attire and your own comfortable clothing. By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure a safe and pleasant Cryotherapy experience. Remember, the goal is to protect your extremities and maintain comfort while exposing your body to the therapeutic cold. If you want to try Cryotherapy in Hilton Head, book your session at Restore Hyper Wellness now